The best birthday present

Your mom called me today. She had found a notebook of yours hidden in the back of your desk and she wanted me to see it.So without thinking I drove over to your house. It has been so long since I've been there. Your mom lead me to the living room and I saw the notebook on the coffee table. My heart started thudding as your mom and I sat down.She handed the notebook to me with sad eyes and I bit my lips as I opened it to the first page. Tears filled my eyes when I read what was written there.

To (my name),
I wanted to give this to you for your birthday but I decided now was better than waiting.
I hope you like it.
I love you,


It was filled with song lyrics to our favorite songs, written enteries to days we spend together, memories, inside jokes, pictures of us together...I sat there and cried with your mom.My birthday was a month after your accident.Thank you for the best birthday present.

I love you too.

Dere br g innp Dennesiden, om dere likte teksten over. Jeg satt leste p de i hele gr, og jeg er helt oppslukt av historiene der inne. Alle er p engelsk da, s du m nokk kunne litt engelsk for forst de.

Blogges <3
Q: Likte dere teksten?
Q: Har dere vrt innp den siden fr?

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-06.11.2012 kl:21:38

hhh s st og litt trist tekst <3 c:
-06.11.2012 kl:23:02

St tekst! Har ikke vrt der fr, men bruker lese en del snne historier p forskjellige tumblr's :-)

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